Sexual Assault Prevention

The Student Wellness Center provides educational programming and events throughout the academic year that address consent, sexual assault prevention, dating and domestic violence, stalking and sexual harassment.

In addition to sexual assault prevention programming, the center offers information about reporting options and support services available to students. Presentations regarding sexual misconduct for student organizations, departments, or academic classes can be requested.

The center refers students who need support to the Student Counseling Center, the Galerstein Gender Center or off campus organizations as needed. Reporting inquires and questions are referred to the Dean of Students, UT Dallas Police or the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.

Reporting Responsibilities

All Student Wellness Center staff and Peer Health Educators are considered Responsible Employees and Campus Security Authorities. This means they are required by law to report crimes that they witness or are made aware of to the UT Dallas Police. They are also required to report incidents of sexual misconduct that they witness or are made aware of to the Title IX Coordinator. The Student Wellness Center has a variety of support services and reporting options available to students. The first priority is to properly support students, while complying with legal reporting responsibilities.

Sexual Assault Prevention Course

Under guidance from UT System, new UT Dallas students will be required to complete sexual assault prevention modules. Students may access the modules through their To Do list items in Orion, the email sent to their UT Dallas email account, or by visiting the Vector Solutions website. For questions, email [email protected].

Annual Programs

  • It’s On Us
    October, February
  • One Love
    October, April
  • Stalking Awareness Month
  • Take Back the Night
  • #thatsnotlove
  • Consent Workshops